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Germany: Leading market for electromobility – The market launch phase of electromobility has begun.

The EmoStar²K collaborative project led by DIN, DKE (VDE) and NAAutomobil (VDA) is helping to achieve this goal by executing coordinated and suitable measures in standards work on electromobility.

EmoStar²K at EVS 30

Once a year, manufacturers, users and other stakeholders come together at the Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition to discuss the newest developments in electromobility. The location of the event rotates between America, Europe and Asia. Stuttgart was the host city of this year’s EVS 30 which took place October 9-11 and attracted more than 9,000 visitors from more than 50 countries. A conference with around 1,700 participants was held concurrently to the trade fair; here, presentations were given on technical developments, research projects as well as new strategies and concepts.

More than 300 exhibitors presented their products - and vision - on electromobility at the fair. EmoStar²K had the opportunity to introduce both the project and the benefits of standardization for electromobility at the German Federal Government’s stand (organized by GGEMO). The exhibit, which included an electric car and excerpts from relevant standards, had no problem attracting a large number of visitors to the stand.

Vortrag mit Graphic Recorder beim EVS


In addition to interesting questions posed by members of the audience, EmoStar²K also addressed the following questions during a speech and a guided tour: 

  • What is standardization?
  • What are the benefits of standardization?
  • How will electromobility be promoted and/or supported by standardization?
  • Which relevant standards exist today and which are still being developed?
  • What are the objectives and tasks of the EmoStar²K funding project?


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