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Germany: Leading market for electromobility – The market launch phase of electromobility has begun.

The EmoStar²K collaborative project led by DIN, DKE (VDE) and NAAutomobil (VDA) is helping to achieve this goal by executing coordinated and suitable measures in standards work on electromobility.

New electric mobility sub-project on the development of measuring methods in compliance with calibration regulation in DC charging


Calibration regulation-compliant measuring methods in electric mobility in connection with low-voltage DC charging


The objective is to establish charging stations in compliance with calibration regulations for DC charging as quickly as possible in order to achieve a high market acceptance of electric vehicles. To accomplish this goal, it is essential to develop measuring methods that enable DC-capable electricity meters to be tested and evaluated on the basis of technical specifications and regulations.

This sub-project was started on 15 August 2017 in order to rapidly develop DC-capable test equipment for the evaluation of measurement accuracy to address the lack of specifications on test requirements in electric mobility for low-voltage DC charging.


The project will involve studies monitoring standards activities. The findings will be used to identify test requirements that are needed in connection with low-voltage DC charging but that cannot be delivered within the standardization process.

Existing national, European and international concepts of measurement will be taken under consideration, compared with actual needs in practice and then subsequently evaluated. The results will then be introduced to the relevant standards committees that view this topic as one of great importance: DKE/K 353 “Electric road vehicles” and DKE/K 461 “Equipment for electrical energy measurement and load control”.

Project sponsor

VDE-Prüf- und Zertifizierungsinstitut GmbH

Project duration

08/2017 to 05/2018


Your contact

Dennis Haub | DKE

Tel.: +49 69 6308 457