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Germany: Leading market for electromobility – The market launch phase of electromobility has begun.

The EmoStar²K collaborative project led by DIN, DKE (VDE) and NAAutomobil (VDA) is helping to achieve this goal by executing coordinated and suitable measures in standards work on electromobility.

New sub-project on safety concepts for traction energy storage systems


Thermal runaway propagation / Investigation of trigger methods for the initialization of the internal short-circuit as a basis for the development of appropriate safety concepts for electric traction energy storage systems.


Electric vehicles are supposed to replace conventionally operated vehicles in order to gain independence from fossil fuels in the future and to reduce local emissions and carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, reducing losses in the drive train will improve energy efficiency and recuperation-supported braking, which in turn decreases fine particulate air pollution.
Due to the electrification of the drive train and the demand for longer driving ranges, the trend is moving towards equipping electric vehicles with increasingly larger electric traction energy storage systems. The space available is limited, but by increasing the energy density in the module, more energy can be stored in the same amount of space. In this context, it is becoming ever more important to have a full understanding of safety aspects with regard to electric traction energy storage systems and how to handle internal errors.


In order to evaluate the safety features of electric traction storage systems, it is necessary to investigate the effect of a deliberately triggered internal short circuit on a module or the storage system. There is an existing approach in the field of standardization, ISO 6469-1/AMD1, entitled "Safety management of thermal runaway propagation". This standard specifies requirements on testing methods and includes instructions on how data observed during the test is to be recorded. One much-discussed and unresolved issue in connection with the execution of such tests is the suitability of trigger methods for triggering the thermal event in a cell.
The objective of the planned project is to carry out a detailed investigation of the boundary conditions of two selected trigger methods. The results of the project will serve to complete the standard ISO 6469-1/AMD 1, which aims to provide the necessary information to develop an appropriate safety concept for traction energy storage systems.

Project Sponsor

Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung

Project duration

01/2018 to 06/2018

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Stephan Krähnert | VDA

Tel.: +49 30 897 842 324