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Germany: Leading market for electromobility – The market launch phase of electromobility has begun.

The EmoStar²K collaborative project led by DIN, DKE (VDE) and NAAutomobil (VDA) is helping to achieve this goal by executing coordinated and suitable measures in standards work on electromobility.

Sub-project on determination of vibration loads


Determining vibration loads on batteries for road vehicles


The new standard ISO 19453-6 on traction battery packs for electric vehicles is being developed by ISO/TC22/SC32/WG02. A substantial portion of this standard deals with vibration tests for these components.

Until now, requirements on safety performance testing for traction batteries under mechanical load due to vibration were given in ISO 12405-3. However, practice has shown that the vibration profiles described in the standard are unrealistically severe and often lead to error patterns and malfunctions which would not occur in reality. Thus it was necessary to revise the testing method.

In agreement with ISO/TC22/SC37 (the Secretariat of which is also in Germany), the committee responsible for ISO 12405-3, the decision was made to transfer the vibration requirements into the new standard ISO 19453-6 and revise them to include a more realistic severity level. Because the battery mass is a factor that has significant influence on the occurring load, this sub-project will focus exclusively on BEVs (i.e. purely electric vehicles).


This sub-project will determine loads on the battery that can be used to establish a more realistic test profile as compared to ISO 12405-3 and which will be introduced into the new ISO 19453-6 standards Project.

The more heavily represented German vehicles are in the database on vehicle measurements, especially road vehicles produced by German OEMs, the greater the likelihood that the standardized profiles will reflect German testing philosophy.

This standards proposal could provide a technical advantage over the other participating countries, in particular Japan, in the aforementioned ISO project. Furthermore, the implementation of the standards projects will be accelerated by an expansive database, thus providing a realistic and more timely foundation for the vibration engineering design of traction batteries.


Robert Bosch GmbH

Project duration

2017 (3rd Quarter) to 2018 (2nd Quarter)

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