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Germany: Leading market for electromobility – The market launch phase of electromobility has begun.

The EmoStar²K collaborative project led by DIN, DKE (VDE) and NAAutomobil (VDA) is helping to achieve this goal by executing coordinated and suitable measures in standards work on electromobility.

Project partner: VDA

The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) with its headquarters in Berlin as well as branch offices in Brussels and Peking, has more than 600 member companies (manufacturers of passenger vehicles, lorries, transporters and buses, suppliers of components and accessories as well as manufacturers of trailers and lorry superstructures).

VDA hosts the International Automobile Fair (IAA) every year. This event takes place alternately in Frankfurt (passenger cars) and Hanover (commercial vehicles).

DIN Standards Committee Road Vehicle Engineering (NAAutomobil, previously FAKRA) is part of VDA and the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and represents German and international standardization interests in the road vehicle sector. The scope of NAAutomobil comprises all product-specific standardization topics for road vehicles (excluded are agricultural tractors, fire fighting vehicles and ambulances as well as municipal vehicles). NAAutomobil is also responsible for standards covering the securing of loads, multi-modal transport containers and intelligent transport Systems.

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